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Bad ass truck!!! Truck, wood, trees, black, vehicle, transportation, cool, wheels, photography, photo.

Thank you to the 1978 Movie Convoy,(that song tho)🙃.for making my love for 18 wheelers even stronger. This is a Kenworth Truck BTW.

Monster Semi Truck. #Trucking

Southern Recipe Pork Rinds Celebrates Truck Driver Appreciation Week - Rig on the Road Contest

mod by Avi_Abrams, via Flickr What road does this go down ??? = Bat Houses

This reminds me of being back in Maui cuz all the locals turn there trucks into this style of a lifted truck with wheels & rims just like this!

This weird truck was spotted in Russia. Made by a group of Moscow bikers, the vehicle is called "Iron Wolf". It looks like it just stepped out of the Mad Max movie and it can be met on roads of Russia every day. It is not from some art gallery.

10 Awesome Trucks - cool trucks, Liebherr T 282B

Custom Big Trucks | some of your guys custom king sized sleepers - On the Workbench: Big ... Big Big Big = Bat Houses.

I love my big trucks but, this one would have to pull the shortest trailer in history! Must be Cali rig cuz wheel base too long for midwest.

Semi Trucks

Semi Trucks