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MIND = BLOWN!    B*tch please, I'm immortal

B*tch please, I'm immortal

Doodle Time: Sarah See Andersen Comics

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Como essas calças podem ser mais caras se tem metade delas faltando?!!

Caracas elas foram pra guerra e nem me chamo

Como a proposta do Como eu realmente é sempre ser sincero sobre aqueles sentimentos obscuros e cantinhos esquisitos da nossa imaginação, não poderei esconder que frequentemente me sinto com vontade de fazer a cara do meme "me gusta" na vida real. Pena que é humanamente impossível.        Ob.: Eu gosto muito do "me gusta", mas aqueles que não gostam de memes não devem temer, ok

everytime I pass by the shampoo area. I just take the cheapest with a bottle that seems it might smell good.

Posters - when you see it...

I hope you know there is a creepy possessed vampire head behind you.


Oh, the only thing that'd make that better is if it was the hydrant in front of the firehouse! Irony can be so delicious! Teaching Verbal, Situational, and Dramatic Irony

La Souris sur le Gateau - LU Petit Beurre Campaign

Here are some food advertisements that are most popular among the audience. I also found these advertisements quite innovative, interactive and interesting.

Real life UP house. A dude named Jonathan Trappe contributed perhaps the most interesting aircraft to the International Balloon Festival in Leon, Mexico this year.  He created the flying house from Disney Pixar’s UP.  If this guy has any young children, he also just became the coolest dad in the world.

Adventurer Jonathan Trappe, successfully flew a house over feet in the air, lifted by helium-filled balloons in Leon, Mexico, as inspired by the Pixar film Up.

問い合わせ電話が65%も増加! タトゥースタジオの効果絶大なブランディング名刺 | AdGang

問い合わせ電話が65%も増加! タトゥースタジオの効果絶大なブランディング名刺 | AdGang