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The Way of Kings - Rockbuds by Inkthinker.deviantart.com

One of six illustrations scattered amongst the lavishly illuminated pages of Brandon Sanderson's new epic fantasy series The Way of Kings, describing th. The Way of Kings - Rockbuds

Adolin Kholin - Stormlight Archive Wiki - Wikia

Adolin Kholin

Aside from the sour expression, I think it's a well done drawing of Adolin. I suppose the expression could be credited to thoughts of Sadeas.

Shallan Davar

Shadesmar from Brandon Sanderson's Stormlight Archive book series, picturing Shallan and Pattern! Fan art for this series was much in order.

Kaladin and Shallan stuck in a chasm

Seriously, it's s one of the best moments in the entire Words of Radiance (a book written by Brandon Sanderson). I loved these chapters, Kaladin and Sha.

The Adolin's Duel by fefeeyss87.deviantart.com on @DeviantArt

Adolin Kholin vs four Shardbearers! The Adolin's Duel

The symbol headed creatures from Stormlight Archive - The Way of Kings

Shallan and the Symbol heads Here is a sketch I did of Shallan doing her famous sketch of the Symbol head people in Brandon Sanderson's Way of Kings.