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Sara K Byrne Her images are double exposures – a technique that originated with film cameras. Basically a segment of film would be exposed to light twice. The darker areas in the first photograph would record light in the second photograph. Byrne uses a digital camera, one of a handful of models that can perform the same technique.

Double exposure tutorial for the Canon Mark III by Dylan and Sara Photography. How to do multiple exposures in your camera without photoshop.

Andreas Lie, a visual artist based in Bergen Norway, has found a beautiful way to blur the boundary between the beautiful Norwegian wilderness surrounding him and the wild animals that call it home. His photos, done in his signature double-exposure style, create a subtle gradient that turns these wild beasts’ feathers and fur into images of their habitats.

Double-Exposure Animal Portraits By Norwegian Photographer

Te presento a Andras Lie y su arte visual con animales

Wild Welva, arte urbano que lleva la vida salvaje a la calle

Beautiful animals and innovative masterful art combined into one is quite a sight to behold! Andreas Lie is responsible for a series of illustrations that.

Poster | SNOW LEOPARD von Dániel Taylor | more posters at http://moreposter.de

Wild Animals, Smoke And Nature Merged In My Double Exposure Photos. I wanted to create the smoke effects on animals I used on some few of my female subjects.

مجھے سانس سانس گراں لگے _ یہ وجود وہم و گماں لگے  میں تلاش خود کو کہاں کروں _ مری ذات خواب و خیال ہے

مجھے سانس سانس گراں لگے _ یہ وجود وہم و گماں لگے میں تلاش خود کو کہاں کروں _ مری ذات خواب و خیال ہے

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22 magnifiques portraits d’animaux qui transposent sur leur corps la nature sauvage qui les abrite

Photo : Andreas Lie

Les doubles expositions animalières d’Andreas Lie

Double exposure alternative Sean

Double exposure alternative

Walking Bear Canvas Print

Bergen-based visual artist Andreas Lie, blends the scenery of Norwegian wilderness with photographs of animals to create stunning double exposure portraits.