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Dick is happy. Jason is slightly jealous. Tim and Damian are on the verge of fighting. Bruce is confused.

Dick is happy, Jason is a little jealous, Tim and Damian are on the verge of fighting, and Bruce seems confused.

Tim Drake (c) DC Comics<------ I love the fact he's actually talking to the bird, and understands it. <3

Tim Drake (c) DC Comics<------AWWWWW. This is so freaking adorable. He's talking and sheltering the bird and he understands him too

Catching Jason Todd by ~CrimsonHorror  DAMIAN YOU LOOK SO CUTE AND TINY

Bat-Family (c) to DC comics. This was Dick's master plan: [link] Jason Todd loves bread very much The next part is of Damian baking he he he: [link] Catching Jason Todd

:) Jason is like "I'm only here for the ice-cream."

Batscream by KataChan So cute Bats, Jason,Tim,Dick, and Damian together So cute…

Why does Jason look like the big brother?!

Robins - Dick Grayson, Jason Todd, Tim Drake, and Damian Wayne.

(Title taken from Ramin Djawadi's song of the same name form GoT Season 2 OST) Hoppin’ on that TimKon Clone baby AU!An idea I had: what if Ra’s Al Ghul came for Tim and the baby R.

Batman, Nightwing, Red Hood, Red Robin, Robin. Bruce Wayne, Dick Grayson, Jason Todd, Tim Drake, Damian Wayne. The orphan. The acrobat. The punk. The hacker. The warrior.:

Why do they always call Grayson "the acrobat? He's hands down the second most badass non-powered hero, after Batman.

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The candy cane crowbar from Jason😢. Reminding Bruce every year of the mistake that he made with Jason and how he will never get the original Jason back!

Jason and Tim by inkydandy Yup,Jason is very canine like.He's too wild to be tame like a dog,so he's more like a wolf.It even matches the Red Hood biker theme,Red Riding Hood.

Tim reminds me of my teacher she is literally spraying air freshener everywhere because teenagers stink after doing recess