How to Change a Diaper: Starring; Gaara, Shikimaru, and Konkuro!

I love how temari is completely ignoring shikamaru, gaara, and konkuro dieing on the floor

i know most people don't like Sakura but i do. :3

Sakura's strength (Naruto-kun, Sasuke-kun you two better not tick her off)

Frases De Naruto - Naruto Shippuden ♥|Películas| - #113 - Wattpad

Frases De Naruto - Naruto Shippuden ♥

HAHA, I love Gaara.  I'd give him a brohug, fo sho.  And maybe a brofist with an explosion at the end, too.

Gaara wants a hug / naruto / shippuden / sabaku no gaara meme. I'd hug him.