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Daft and compact Japanese garden with Shoji Screens perfect for the contemporary home. * I like the moss garden in the courtyard idea.

篠山城下町ホテル NIPPONIA

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A imagem pode conter: tabela e área interna

Irori - Japanese traditional open fireplace sunken in the surface of the wooden floor; hearth around the fireplace 囲炉裏

from Chidori

One in a series of illustrated guides, focusing on design and the multifaceted landscape of Japanese living today, by the art publisher Taschen.

Top 10 Key Features in a Traditional Japanese Home by One Green Bicycle     Since I’ve started traveling to Japan, I’ve been so blessed with many opportunities meeting new people and understanding more about the Japanese culture. One such experience was in 2012 when I connected with several Japanese...

love architecture and japan or are you just curious what a traditional japanese home is like versus just the manga? Check out these featured areas of a japanese home to see what real and what's not.

See inside a traditional Japanese home with these key features. This is Japanese architecture and home design at its early stages and culturally engrained.

japanese Garden-omg, a drEAm getaway

Rectangular window frames the outside vista. Dark wood throughout the interior feels warm.