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daily-monsta-x: “Tuesday: “Jooheon at the Ioniq Forest Festival ” Photo credit: Hoxication + Heonist + To You, Jooheon + Seraphic ”



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tumblr_ov2gmkCQfS1tml5fdo1_540.jpg (540×810)

Jooheon, Monsta X

Honey, Jooheon, Monsta X, Kpop

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[ Monbebe our first music broadcast is finally here! MCountdown is finished! Did you watch the stages well? Monbebe please expect tomorrow’s stage too~! Let’s be together in a little bit for the Nubbang and Monnight translated by fymonsta-x

Jooheon, Monsta X, Honey, Angels, Kpop, Angel

Jooheon, Monsta X, Kpop, Honey