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Beautiful Mary Moser watercolor of roses and marigolds. I want this as a tattoo on my arm or thigh. So beautiful.

FLORES Y LETRAS PARA DECOUPAGE (pág. 232) | Aprender manualidades es facilisimo.com


Ophelia wishes she could hand Laertes some, "violets," but she can't since she claims they died with her father. This represents her mind which she completely lost when her father, Polonius, was murdered.

violets elke keer as ek dit uit my tuin pluk om saam te gee het Ma gese - volgende jaar is ek weer hier.

A bouquet of violets ~ from a Victorian perfume and toilet soap company advertising booklet. This one is a digital printable image.

De Longpre Study -Soft Pink Roses | Flickr - Photo Sharing!

A loving account of God's stubborn love was summarized in the book of Luke. In the parable Jesus told about the Prodigal Son, a teenager wh.