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If you want to strengthen your core and develop muscles in your abdominal section do ab exercises. However if you want to get cut up it's mostly diet and a healthy portion of HIIT and/or lifting. I do little to zero cardio and eat a high fat diet with carb backloading. Its surprisingly easy. Http:// #gympics #workout #femalefitness #girlswholift #sixpack #sexyfit #shredded #workout #fitspo #abs #fit #carbbackloading #cbl #iraqveteran #paleo #womenshealth

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Virtually all the women I know suffer from stubborn fat on the thighs, bum, hips or the backs of her arms. It’s called female-pattern fat storage. And there’s a simple reason for it. You’ve got two types of “receptors” on all your fat cells. Your stubborn fat zones have 9 times more of the “bad” ones that TRAP fat inside the cell.

Weight Loss program: here s the exact reason you should never Diet like a man... fat burning monster! Inspired from for men and women weight loss programs to melt away your stubborn fat 1 pounds a day and get lean and tone muscle.

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10 minutes stomach exercises to lose weight & burn belly fat

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