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PUPPY LOVE. This is a photo of a large breed puppy, Marley, staring with love and concern at her girl, Bethany. The back story to this would not be known be general audiences: the girl and puppy in the picture had been sleeping peacefully together. For reasons unknown, the puppy perked up quickly all of a sudden, put her paw on Bethany's neck, and stared at her for one to two minutes. (cont'd first comment)

Bethany is a "girly girl." Despite this fact, she absolutely loves fishing. On this particular day, this was the "catch of the day." Quite the monster, huh? She's fishing from an old bridge in a peaceful location not far outside the city. I love this because it brings back memories of a day with no worries or cares. I think such an image evokes within the view a feeling of being happy and carefree.

Bethany and her best friend, Heather, love to drive around downtown Chico being silly together. As I came back from using the restroom, the girls were standing through the sunroof, singing and screaming at the top of their lungs to passersby. I like this image because it depicts teens having good, clean fun. (cont'd first comment)