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love the font on this honey packaging!

Support your local beekeeper! Bee Local --artisan neighborhood honey, such a cool idea! each community has its own flavor honey based on the bees' environment!

Insulating bee hives for winter - EcoRenovator

I decided it was time to wrap some insulation around the beehives in preparation for colder weather. Cut some styrofoam. Duct taped the edges for

Claire Campbell : Kudzu Honey from John Pluta #ThreeThings

MUTH Old Fashioned Cork Honey Jars, replicas of made by Muth of Cincinnati Ohio People love this little mini jars with corks. Sold as samplers. Many given as wedding favors.

Meant to Bee Wedding Favor Tags Shower Favor Vintage Wedding Custom Personalized Calligraphy Stamp for Honey Jars or Wedding Treats

Favor labels: Not exactly, but need vintage label for the jars. to be taped or hanging like this on the jar.

Bee Death - Infopic on what kills our honey bees on mass. Apis Mellifera. Come and learn more at: Don't forget ants,bears,starvation,fire,robber bees,skunks

Exclusive FREE liquorice pompom tutorial

Beekeeping for Beginners: Why Keep Bees? Designed by Murmur Creative

Why Keep Bees?

Tax break for 5 hives/acre.better than typical livestock and no matinence! -If you like thriving gardens, biology, nature, and helping the community and environment, keeping bees can be a deeply satisfying hobby.

My First Honey

My First Honey