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Sorriso lindo!

Curly short hair styles always look adorable on little girls. As a result, we see many young girls sport curls. And since children do not take much care of

I want a son this pregnancy!!

"Baby Parts" is a deviant phrase discovered in the article by Kathleen Parker. The term "baby parts" refers to the fertile tissue that doctors use for research after removing a fetus from in an abortion procedure.

Lindo sorriso...

What a beautiful child. I hope she keeps her inner child, and stays sweet as she grows older. It can be difficult going through life when one is so beautiful!

can't help using this over used phrase but OMG!!!!!!

This gorgeous child stole my heart. She is smiling with her whole face and look at those lips, she could be a child model/actor.LOVE her natural curly hair. What a perfect picture of a adorable, naturally beautiful little girl.

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Those gorgeous baby blue eyes with her dark complexion makes this little darling a truly one of a kind beauty.

http://www.shorthaircutsforblackwomen.com/mom-daughter-do-the-afro-dance-too-cute/ Brothers and sister cute teamblackhurromg

Mom & Daughter Do The "Afro Dance" - TOO CUTE!

Here is a super cute video of a mom having fun with her daughter and at the same time teaching her to love her natural hair. All to the tune of Afro-Dance by Les Nubians.

Omg if only I had a girl I would want her to look like this

you’re gonna want to have more kids after seeing these adorable lil’ hair models and you’ll also get some very cute kids hairstyle ideas for. Cutest Kids and baby Hairstyle Ideas. Black natural hair, afros, braids, wash n go and more.

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