Hook and charming xD

Snow probably should have mentioned Red was a werewolf before she started stripping. She kinda had to take the cloak. BUT only the cloak!

I'm not repinning for emo I just wanted to know what yall are like....ima stalker and I'm good at it. Lol jk maybe.

I ❤️ Emo People! People always say that emo people always cut themselves and that's natural true.


This quote is not from The Maze Runner. It's from Teen Wolf, season 1 episode I didn't remember it from the book, but I guess they changed the movie.<<<it's not even in the movie

#Arrow 5x20 "Underneath" - Oliver and Felicity

"Underneath" - Oliver and Felicity (i am not a olicty shipper, forever oliver laurel)

I hit EVERYTHING with my cello!

I do this with my violin all the time. all the time! My poor violin.