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And the book progresses... I kind of want to get in on this Inktober thing but then maybe I shouldn't distract myself or this book will never get finished #kidlitart #kidlit #children'sbooks #childrensillustration #Littlekong #lemniscaat

Freya Hartas My picture for the end of year quotes book. A colour tinted etching inspired by Lord Dunsany’s story about a prostitute who was dumped into a big pink flower before the gates of hell. “Into a great pink flower that was horrible and lovely grew the soul of La Traviata; and it had two eyes but no eyelids, and it stared constantly into the faces of all the passers by that went along the dusty road to Hell ” - Lord Dunsany

Another new little painting for my drawing sale 15 for a drawing illustrated envelope and free print. Only 10 for black and white drawings! Do go have a look http://ift.tt/1GnPMzq (clickable link in profile) #etsyseller #etsyart #littlepainting #quirkygifts #illustratedgifts

Freya Hartas

I've put the start of a little comic I drew on origami paper up on my blog freyahartas.tumblr.com #comic #postitnoteart #webcomic #illustration #Tinyland

Another endpaper monkey #monkeys #endpapers #kidlitart #childrensillustration #childrensbooks


A monochrome print of a drawing inspired by the amazing animals on Planet Earth 2. This is a Leopard Eagle hybrid with her young. Available in A sizes so you can frame in any off the shelf frames link to shop in profile.

We put fairy lights up last night and now the flat looks It's raining outside and I don't want to do the 10 second walk to the studio -_-

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