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Kel-Tec P-11. 9mm sub-compact. 3.1" barrel. 14oz, 5.6" x 4.3" x 1". 10+1 rd, 9 Lbs DAO.

The Do's and Don't's of Making a Task List

IT'S A MAAAAADHOUSE! I admit it, I’m a Luddite. In my defense, I do have a motto of tolerance: Don’t judge what’s not made for you. I try, I really do, to live by that motto and just let things go. When I do escalate to rant mode, my son brings me back simply by being the good hearted, media saturated kid that he is. But something happened today that I deserves a full throated rant. I read about the iPotty... (read on at http://kidinc.com/comics/manual-typewriter/) #comicstrips #parenting

As dedicated a doctor as she is, Alexa Collins can’t help but feel exhausted trying to live up to her father’s expectations. And because of that unyielding commitment to her profession, Alexa has a built up a wall of defenses, especially when it comes to personal relationships. She simply hasn’t got the time-or the inclination. That was before she met pro football player Luke Thompson.

An A to Z guide to dealing with diabetes. From the A1C test to getting your ZZZ's, you'll get the most up-to-date recommendations from the American Diabetes Association-- and get back to living your life

Technological Failures: "Your Chance to Live" 1972 Defense Civil Preparedness Agency https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=44xDJFBvwYI #technology #failure


For the first time since the U.S. Civil War, the Confederate vessel H.L. Hunley—the world's first submarine to sink an enemy ship—was revealed on January 12 (pictured) after 11 years of conservation work.

If the holiday season tends to make your kids think a lot about *themselves,* these ideas will help you balance it out: Help Your Kids Think of Others

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