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36 Ideas para el Reciclaje de Jeans

16 Clothing Tips Every Girl Should Know, Fashion is great, but clothes can be really hard to deal with sometimes.

cutest DIY pants ever!

Torn jeans "patched" with lace. Now I want to tear a hole in my jeans just to patch it with lace!

Lace under ripped jeans .. Love this idea!

Lace under hole in jeans. OK so I'm not really into lace but I have to admit. This is adorable! White lace with lighter jeans and black lace with darker jeans. I have a pair if dark jeans so I'm going to try the black lace.

10 Stylish Ways to Patch Your Favorite Jeans

Denim Repair: How to Patch Jeans With Holes

Cooler weather means wearing jeans frequently, and wearing jeans frequently means wearing jeans out more quickly than you ever thought possible

Altogether Beautiful: How to: Patch Jeans With Lace

and happy first day of spring. I normally try to avoid buying jeans with holes in them because I always end up ripping the threads th.

Stitch & Patch Boyfriend Jeans

Stitch & Patch Boyfriend Jeans

Lace hemmed jeans. This could solve many of my problems with jeans that fit great everywhere but are just too long. Maybe not lace but another cool/funky fabric..

Ever want to make a sundress out of a t-shirt?

Beaded Denim is cute - i think these jeans look great with these heels but I bet they are tricky to wash | Stylish outfit ideas for street savvy women | Trendy outfit suggestions.

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I have an issue with throwing things out, especially clothes. When I go through my (extremely messy) closet and find something I haven’t worn in years, the logical solution would be to donate it or give it away to a friend. And yet, I always think I can transform it into some brand-new, one-of-a kind piece of clothing that looks like I bought it at some boutique. It honestly baffles me that people spend hundreds of dollars on a pair of shorts just because they have some cute design on them.

18 Adorable Ways To DIY Your Jean Shorts This Summer

Do it for long pants: DIY Roundup: 7 Fun, Summer DIY Fashion Ideas.Love these DIY lace shorts.finally a way to do them yourself instead of buying the short shorts with lace a the store!

denim skirt w/white lacy ruffles and what looks like embroidered trim following the hem points

Step Out Divine in Delicious Denim Duds!