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The Concord of the World Tree is an organization seeking to unify the shards through the transplanting of flora and fauna between the shards (hoping the similarities of bio-sphere will draw the many worlds together again). On their home shard of Ydrassa, there are sites where the forces they cultivate through the great trees are harnessed and enhanced.

• freedom is a state of mind • #quotes#motivation

Closed w/ Addie|| I was holding my daughter, Liza, in my arms, Knowing that she died was heartbreaking for me, but at least I got to see her again. I just had to find a fwe more people, like my parents, a few friends and..well, Finn. I sigh, looking around, when Liza points "Look! He is in one of your drawings, mommy!" My eyes widen and I look at where she is pointing to "Finn" My voice goes out almost ina whisper and I smile widely, then run in that direction

Você ganha forças, coragem e confiança a cada experiência em que você enfrenta seus medos. ★ You gain strength, courage and confidence by every experience in which you face your fears. #surreal by Anne Stigler