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Pluto’s Big Moon Charon Reveals a Colorful and Violent History

Pluto's moon Charon, the 12th largest moon in our solar system.

New Horizons Returns First, Best Images of Pluto

New Horizons Returns First of the Best Images of Pluto


Last of Pluto’s Moons – Mysterious Kerberos – Revealed by New Horizons

Images of Pluto’s tiny moon tiny Kerberos taken by NASA’s New Horizons spacecraft –and just sent back to Earth this week – complete the family portrait of Pluto’s moons.


The Mountainous Shoreline of Sputnik Planum

In this highest-resolution image from NASA’s New Horizons spacecraft, great blocks of Pluto’s water-ice crust appear jammed together in the informally named al-Idrisi mountains.