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Are you trying to ruin me?

< no he's not kpop just a very handsome Japanese skater<<literally these comments sold me and me watch him like as eagle 🦅😂I need help I've been on Tumbler to much😂😂


After Sochi Olympics ended, there was “Hanyu Fever” in Japan. A japanese tv show was doing investigation and almost everyone said that “Yuzuru looks like he jumps out of Manga”.

Sportymags — skate15ylove: ...

Sportymags — skate15ylove: ...

(1) Yuzuru Hanyu fairy (@yuzuru_fairy) | Твиттер

allyuzurustuff: “God I miss him so much 😭 sorry for being so inactive guys :(( work and stuff are taking a toll on me but just looking at yuzuru takes all that stress away lol Hang on tight for the Worlds :) ”

So cuute....You know...In elementary and Junior high I remember really paying attention to him. I thought he was a great skater & Cute.

雪野 on

Me: Yuzu? Hanyu: *turns around in slow motion* Hai? Me: *just saw a cute babe unicorn in front of me* I-i. *le gasps* *dies out of the power of cuteness.