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4 of them

Photo by Mike Mitchell The Beatles Illuminated: 1964 Concert Photos by Mike Mitchell

Good job Paul

The Beatles: Always including people, even the hopelessly drunk. The Beatles were hilarious 😃

This is awesome - trolling Beatles

Trolling Beatles

Literally my favorite scene from A Hard Day's Night. This is why I'm a John girl. Turn left at Greenland

I'm going to do this with all of my favorite people and strategically place them through out my apartment in all of the places I go when I procrastinate. The fridge and my computer.

They know!

When I should be studying, but instead I'm listening to the Beatles.or watching a Beatles movie.or reading about the Beatles.

Seems legit.

Mean Girls - 'Swim team practice will be held in the projection room above the auditorium' Seems Legit