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Baré com Escama traz shows de Alaídenegão, P8 Crew e muito mais

Uma mistura de sonoridades manauaras se encontram em mais uma edição do festival, que acontece no Atlético Rio Negro Clube.

A ONE-WOMAN MAN (Character of a Christian pt. 3) | Just as an elder is to be an example of sexual integrity, so the call goes out to all Christians to “abstain from sexual immorality” (1 Thessalonians 4:3). This is true whether the Christian is married or single, male or female.

Brown-headed Nuthatches eat insects and pine seeds. They are one of the few birds that exhibit tool use to find food. They carry a loose piece of bark in their beak and use this to pry up other pieces of bark in search of insects and spiders underneath. Sometimes they also use bark tools to cover up seed caches.

Repeating Words demonstrates a sound illusion. Through earphones, listen to a word or series of words repeated over and over with no pause in between them. Notice what word or words you hear, then find out what you have been listening to by looking under the sign “Repeating Words.” You will find that you can hear sounds that are not there. These illusory words are heard quite clearly and it is hard to believe that you have not actually heard them. Repeating sounds quickly loose their…

Missing red panda found safe after escaping from California zoo

Masala was found safe and sound on Saturday night and is now back at the Sequioa Park Zoo in Eureka after escaping during feeding time on Thursday.

A Tight Dally and a Loose Latigo, 1920

charlie russell paintings | Charles Marion Russell (American, 1864-1926). A Tight Dally and a ...

a bio-acoustic sculpture by Roberto Pugliese, A Voice in the Desert. The piece was created for our exhibition “Data Deluge,” curated by Rachel Gugelberger and Reynard Loki, and transforms Marfa’s current weather conditions—temperature, humidity, wind speed, barometric pressure­—into digital sounds within large steel frames.

Although he exhibited more nerves than he ever had in the past — a combination of the importance this chance obviously presented plus the large gap between the psychedelic music culture of 1968 and the rather quaint rock & roll of ten years earlier — Elvis delivered an incredible performance throughout the television special. His vocal performances were loose and gutsy, and his repartee was both self-deprecating and sarcastic about his early days as well as his moribund film career (“There’s…

If the merlin is acrobatic, the Hen Harrier is precise in its flight. It's as if it's working a grid. The male is arguably the most spectacular bird you'll see in Britain.