Old Church in Milford, NE by Nicole S. Young on 500px

"Old Church in Milford, NE" -- [*Our Savior Lutheran Church* It was built in 1898 by Danish Immigrants on Nebraska - Milford, Nebraska]~[Photograph by Nicole S. Young - July 4 I adore this church!

Abandoned Old West Amusement Park, Adirondack Park Source: machinistdon (reddit)machinistdon:Album

Abandoned Old West Amusement Park Adirondack Park album. I know this says it was an amusement park, but it looks like an old church to me.

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Coletta's Church Jefferson, Wisconsin with God's Creation of Rainbow, God's Good Signs & God's Promise.

How many pews could one put in here?

wouldn't this be the perfect place for a small Christmas wedding? Just enough space for the minister, witnesses, the bride and groom. This would be beautiful for any wedding, such a wonderful place, on the side of a hill.




White Christmas, Church in the snow, near Lake Tahoe, California.one of my most favorite places in the world!

Beautiful church

The small chapel stands in the centre of an old churchyard in Lednica, near Poznan, Poland. It is dedicated to Christ and Mary (you can find an inscription above the door) and was apparently built by the benefactor Marta (that's Martha in Polish) in