I apologize for being absolutely obsessed with Sebastian, I constantly use him to warmup to hell. Someone asked Soma and Agni toh, and I want to draw more characters doing things. Thank you so much...

Sebby whining that his butler aesthetic is ruined is so ridiculously cute! Art by t-stray Black Butler/ Kuroshitsuji

Here are the strips that make up the cat plushie love animation ^_^ Link to the animation:

LOL poor Ciel and his dreams, he (I) wished that happened. (Anyway, Sebastian knows what's going on xD)

Kuroshitsuji part 1 by SebbyxCiel03 on DeviantArt

Nope no no NO don't ship ciel x lizzy sebatian plzzzzzzzz put something "speclie" in her tea

Black Butler - Ciel

Black Butler - Ciel