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So sad *hugs Foxy* Happy birthday *give him a present of a new hook and eye patch*

I Was Never Welcome by BelovedMeimei. *tears stream down face* (I just want to give Foxy a hug right now.

Spongebob theme FNAF Version by onyxcarmine.deviantart.com on @DeviantArt

I remind you, this was back when I was a HUGE FNAF fan, but now I've kind of drifted from. Spongebob theme FNAF Version (THIS IS CRINGY)

So this is what happens when you win fun with Plushtrap

✨{GTFO Nightmare Bonnie by on DeviantArt!}✨<<< this is what happens when you win Fun with Plushtrap

And here, finally, Freddy's timeline. I wasn't so sure to draw another of these, because, with FNAF4, Sister location and more, I don't know what is the true backstory of the animatronics...I start...<not me

Merry Christmas and Happy holidays, everyone! HO HO HO С наступаю&

Five Nights at Freddy's 2 You're my best friend Mangle and Old Foxy

Childhood vibes on this one xD yay I did it THE VIDEO (C) Scott Cawthon (C) Scott Cawthon You're my best friend Mangle and Old Foxy meme

FredMike Dj [ANGST--eh] by SaitouHime145 on DeviantArt

This two-faced fckboi called Freddy. ain't he's sweet? ^^ Also, THANKYOU WATCHERS >///< omg you all made a mistake for watching me really.