Maybe this is why I hate swimming so much...everyone else is like "that was fun" I fell asleep in the pool half an hour ago because I'm exhausted from literally treading water the entire time.

I am the shortest people out of every one I know

And you still can't fricken reach it!!!

Short People Problem - yeah on tippy toes or else climbing the shelves.

short girl problem---haha I really do just jump up on the counter tops to get stuff out of the cabinets

Oh me and my step stool are BFFs at dinner to reach the top spice shelf

Short People Problem #97

Or movies, operas, concerts, plays,

Once, when I was teaching, I was sitting on the floor with my 1st graders and the principal came rushing in with a panicked look on her face and said "Where is your teacher?!?"!  I wish I was making this up!!!

When people mistake you for a child

.......aaaaand then I remember I have fists and a loud threatening voice. So Move. ;)

I do feel like an ant!

short people problems

at the moment, but iv still got at least 2 and half years more left to grow so maybe il grow 2 or 3 inches

short people problems

short people problems Yep that's me!

short people problems

sometimes taller actually, especially those suuuper tall guys

the perks to being a short person.

This happens to me every day! Almost every single person I know is taller than me! It's hilarious!

Not as awkward than when they bend down so they can hear you. Or vise/versa.

Hahahahahahahhaa :'D im short but this made me laugh :P

i cant survive without a stepstool and this always happens yesss

My little brother is already several inches taller. >.<.

My little brother is already several inches taller.

You try to find a sexy pair of heels or a pair of sneakers in a size 2, 3 or 4 without cartoon characters on them! LOL - but seriously. : )

Short People Problem Story of my life.

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Yes that extra 5 pounds really shows on a short person. It's soooo unfair!