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The Golden Journey #2, The Saturday Evening Post story illustration, oil on board 15.5 x 22 in. by Stanley M. Zuckerberg American, 1919-1995)

Looks like he's wiping a tear away, hoping that she will look up for a kiss, "The Golden Journey, Part in the Saturday Evening Post in November 1955 // Stanley Zuckerberg

Lawnchair Gossip. I HATE this! It's why I don't converse with many of my neighbors. They are so boring. They have nothing of interest to talk about, so they talk about everybody else's business. No thank you! Count me out!

Lawnchair Gossip, art by Arthur Sarnoff. via Roger Wilkerson. Stitch & bitch - You & me Poppy!

Lifestyle Illustration of the 50's."...a sunnier, more aspirational culture was taking shape...".

"Lifestyle Illustration of the 50's" Book

Como o próprio título já diz, são coisas simples, mas que podem ser a base em qualquer relação, porque, lembre-se: mais importante do que os grandes e eventuais gestos, são as singelas e espontâneas interações no cotidiano.  Amar é…

O amor está nas pequenas coisas...

So I translated the Spanish caption and - "The Korean artist Puuung found a way to capture the simple moments in life lived as a couple. The simple details that make up a relationship.

the-art-of-romance:    Grace was standing on tiptoe, looking up at him. “Do you want to kiss me goodnight?” she said?  Illustration by Edwin Georgi.

Edwin Georgi A kiss is about to happen, what with her hand behind his head to make sure. This painting illustrated the story "One Last Dream" in the Saturday Evening Post.