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Maleficent as a dragon.

January 1959 saw the release of arguably one of the most beautiful animated features Walt Disney had ever released.

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Maleficent's dragon

Maleficent's dragon


-------------- Art, fairytalekitty (c) Spyro, Disney

Maleficent Dragon | Image - Dragon Maleficent.jpg - Enough fan-made Information to fill ...

HD Wallpaper and background photos of Maleficent Wallpaper for fans of Disney Villains images.

Disney - Maleficent and Diablo by ~Blumina on deviantART

Maleficent- Disney's Sleeping Beauty Maleficent is the best Disney villain EVER


Maleficent Dragon by gobixhoukou

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Some of My Favourite Dragons……..

Philip vs Maleficent the Dragon The start of my obsession with heroes fighting supernatural baddies.

From Sleeping Beauty~one of the most magnificently animated dragons of all time~

Maleficent as a dragon


We first saw Maleficent onscreen in Disney’s 1957 adaptation of the Sleeping Beauty fairytale.

And that is how you bad guy

Maleficent, Sleeping Beauty and my favorite Disney villain! I feel she was just misunderstood!

:: MALEFICENT was my first.dragon, and somehow still the best ~ Sleeping Beauty, 1959 ::

Sleeping Beauty's Malicifent as dragon via www.Facebook.com/PurpleIsWho

Sleeping Beauty's Malicifent as dragon via www.Facebook.com/PurpleIsWho

Maleficent Dragon | Maleficent Dragon belongs to Disney!!

Maleficent by ThePotatoStabber

Maleficent as a Dragon—Sleeping Beauty (1959)  This black-and-purple dragon is about as mean and vicious as Disney dragons come.

Maleficent as a Dragon—Sleeping Beauty Eric Cleworth