Quote Saying Paris Hilton Birthday Vinyl Wall Art Decal

This black vinyl wall art decal features a Quote Saying Paris Hilton Birthday design, and is an easy and inexpensive way to decorate your favorite space. This wall decal is sure to bring more style to

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Lmfao same. Like tbh I will sit @ lunch with my squad and I won't say a thing and leanne gets it but others will be like "u ok?" I'm just like "BITCH IM JUST CHILLIN"


This literally defines my whole stinking life 😭😞 makes me want to cry


Love my big beautiful blended family.pretty positive I have just many relatives by blood as I do choice 😍


Like your fake "godly" marriage. Like how you weren't even a virgin before you got married like everyone thinks. Don't lie yall tried to mess around when yall were dating. Oh or how ur husband smoked weed.

Raise your children the right way. Stop doing everything for them & trying to live their lives for them. How will they learn to fly? Besides "Red Bull" wings will only get you so far. Become independent & follow your dreams! #Dreamers by NinjaAisha

Respect is for those who deserve it. Those who were ALWAYS there for you. When an important role in your life was never there for you; They do not deserve your respect.