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((Open RP for the officer!)) I laugh softly, watching from my high rise perch as the law enforcement bots try to find a trace of me, a clue of where I was hiding. Of course, they'd never find one. I was never one to be bad at covering my tracks of course, and those bots had no proper documentation of anything of mine... so I never had a care in the world. And besides, there hasn't been an easy arrest in ages. Everyone is always too busy in their military duties, or hiding away in their…

Futuristic Clothing, Future Girl, Jill Valentine – Resident Evil 5

Futuristic Clothing, Future Girl, Jill Valentine - Resident Evil 5 Hexascales (like snake but in hex squares )

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PNG Photorealistic Claire Redfield by push-pulse.deviantart.com on @deviantART

[link] Hey PNG - version of photorealistic Claire from Resident Evil: The Darkside Chronicles.

The War Ends Now by FearEffectInferno

Fan art Claire and Leon united again, reminds me of good old days

Jack Krauser and Leon | Leon and Krauser by ~YamiWesker on deviantART

León S.Kennedy, Jack Krauser and Resident Evil are property of Capcom, I do not claim ownership in any way. Leon and Krauser

..Claire Redfield things.. by AngelJasiel.deviantart.com on @DeviantArt

i wanted Steve burnside in but nah. color/lineart: manga studio ex RESIDENT EVIL Fanart FOLDER .

Silent Hill: Saga Poster by afullonetouch.deviantart.com

Silent hill downpour, sh: homecoming, sh the room, silent hill silent hill silent hill. I really love how this picture contrasts all of the silent hill characters from all of the games