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British men ruin all chances of finding a suitable boyfriend. Throw Irish, Scottish, and Australian.basically any foreign accent in there too!

again, meand the hunger games and thank God my clostest friends have read it or i would die! :) i love the hunger games!

Nerd Girl Problem - Having to wait to discuss a book with a friend when you finished it in a day, and they're not finished after a week.

#439 - The more you think about it, you don't actually mind being single for the rest of your life

Nerd Girl Problem um i kinda mind but lets be candor here, im gonna be forever alone

And tucked in the tags/bra straps of my friends shirts which annoyed them....but now they appreciate it?

And tucked in the tags/bra straps of my friends shirts which annoyed them.but now they appreciate it? (Maybe not constantly :)

Nerd Girl Problems

I don't care if you don't know your phone backwards and forwards. a lot of people (male or female) don't. But when you have a phone just because it's the newest "thing"? I kind of hate you. Especially because it makes Apple fangirls like me look SO bad.

This actually happened to me a few years ago.  I was Alan Greenspan and no one got it.

This happened to me and a friend this year. A friend and I were female versions of Thor and Loki, only the true nerdy fans got our costumes.>>> I was the 10 doctor for Halloween and everyone thought I was a businessman or a contractor.

like Travis Maddox.

and the fictional character wins. Or Simon Lewis. Or Finnick Odair. Or Ron Weasley. Or Remus Lupin. Or Ethan Wate. Or Dimitri Belikov. Or Captain America.

this is literally my life right now with game of thrones. i want to drown all the characters.

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nerd girl problems except for the Divergent series. I absolutely refuse to read Allegiant.

The 10th Doctor, Lex from smallville, Willow from Buffy, Clay and Lucas from the otherworld book series. my list could go on... x.x

Percy Jackson Ron Weasley Leo Valdez Tobias Eaton Artemis Fowl Edmund Pevensie Peter Pevensie Ethan Wate Finnick Odair Peeta Mellark Remus Lupin and countless others…

Friend: "Dude, you like never blink!" Me: "What?" Friend: "I watched you for like three minutes and you only blinked like ten times!" Me: "Don't blink. Blink and you're dead."

I make Supernatural references so much and my non-supernatural-watching friends get so annoyed.