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harald siepermann - Pesquisa Google

harald siepermann - Pesquisa Google


How to draw portrait of Gwen Stacy from Spiderman. Gwen Stacy is not affiliated with any team, but was the love interest of Peter Parker for some time. In this tutorial, you will learn to draw Gwen Stacy in semi-realistic…

Wreck it Ralph

Vanellope - character studies for little girl from Wreck it Ralph great sketches such a cute character so detail with these pictures

Albert Dorne

There’s a peculiar syndrome among artists that parallels the discussions of many a record store clerk, except amongst artists “have you heard” becomes “have you seen.” Depending on whose chin is wa…

Wolf lady.

Inspiring picture girl, howl, spirit animal, the white deer, wolf. Find the picture to your taste!

Ace for US Navy (designer: John Hubley, UPA, ca. 1945)

Ace for US Navy (designer: John Hubley, UPA, ca. 1945)

Rael Lyra Concept Art

Concept made to push my creative/painting workflow. I'm trying to be more patient and investigate new ways.


Draw a Bird, Own a Bird

More Chris sketches. (orig text is great: Field journal example. This is a fabulous example of studying the anatomy of a bird, its posturing and personality.