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Forgotten MH Fact “ In Entry Tim mentions that someone had been leaving dead animals in Alex’s front yard.

They look like they're posing for a wedding photo<< I NOW PRONOUNCE YOU NERD AND NERD. YOU MAY KISS THE NERD.

They are offering holy water to Tim Man.

Marbles, Marble, Sculptures

Creepypasta, Marble, Creepy Pasta, Granite

Stumbled upon this at midnight. Well?

ECKVA is the newest series by THAC. Clear Lakes 44 and Marble Hornets are still available for discussion.

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So true its hard to choose

So true its hard to choose

Creepy Pasta, Creepy Stuff, Marble, Creepypasta, Granite

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And what might that be, Brian?

And what might that be, Brian? < He can smell Alex's bullshit.