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Heart Breaker Shoe - Fellas, beware of the woman who wears these Heart Breaker Shoes, for you are almost definitely in danger of getting hurt. The glamorous high heels .

"Heart Breaker" by Sebastian Errazuriz Studio

"heart breaker" Artist Sebastian Errazuriz explores the themes of sex, love, and memories through his series of shoe sculptures.

12 shoes for 12 lovers by Sebastian Errazuriz | DESIGN STREET

12 Shoes for 12 Lovers - Sebastian Errazuriz studio "the Gl jane" barbara



12 Shoes for 12 Lovers - Sebastian Errazuriz studio "the hot bitch" caroline

If you are walking down the aisle, you can't miss these crazy bridal shoe designs. (wedding shoes)

10 Offbeat Wedding Shoes - wedding shoes

Marloes ten Bhömer Foldedshoe / 2001 Materials: Wood and tarpaulin A single sheet of fabric folded once to create an abstracted shoe shape.

zaha hadid 100 museum towers - Google Search

Tributes are pouring in for Zaha Hadid, whose sudden passing yesterday from a heart attack at the age of took the world by surprise. The trailblazing architect, who set up her studio Zaha Hadid

Creative accessories

Creative accessories


Chewing Gum --This style is portraying a scene from the life of an everyday unfortunate sneaker. By freezing a single frame Kobi captured the movement and the tension in the stretched piece of chewing gum and turned it into a high heel.



1841  Weird, weird, weird.

Tina Patni David Collart First year assignment ankle boot based on work of the artist 'Tina Patni - photoshoot for Amato haute couture', for the Academy of Fine Arts in Sint-Niklaas Belgium (SASK).

World Most Bizarre Shoes Ever? .... OH wait ... Never mind ... These aren't shoes ....

Somethin Odd: 30 World Most Bizarre Shoes Ever l Strange and Weird Shoes