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Seriously Natural

Detailed natural hair puff tutorial, learn how to do a high puff on natural hair. The natural hair afro puff hairstyle for black women is cute and easy to.

Dread Locks Styled Elegantly

uknaturals: “Cute hair Today is Style Sunday show us your twistouts, updos,braidouts, frohawks, and any other style you like to rock Want to be featured?

Style Icons are leaders in the world of natural (unrelaxed) hair. Palmer (2000) states that if we do not look within ourselves, we will see the enemy elsewhere. A common narrative for women transitioning from chemicals is the challenge of seeing yourself differently and feeling different than ever before. Overcoming the difference is what helps many 'naturalistas' be confident and fearless. This blog is about just one example of how change for the worse can prompt change for the better.

Ashley // Transitioning Natural Hair Style Icon

My name is Ashley and I'm a naturalista from New York. My natural journey began on August 2013 and ever since then I've been empowered physically, menta…

THICK Natural hair PONYTAIL http://www.shorthaircutsforblackwomen.com/curl-defining-products/ #houseofamerie #changewithmetoday #naturalhair

THICK Natural hair PONYTAIL http://www.shorthaircutsforblackwomen.com/curl-defining-products/ #houseofamerie #changewithmetoday #naturalhair

I can't do much with the other styles in this pin but I like this pic for inspiration. Maybe turn this into a half up bun?

3 No-Heat Curly Styles For Spring

We're all for a good heat tool, but sometimes you just want to give you hair a break. We're sharing three of our favorite no-heat curly styles perfect for spring (or any time).