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Don’t forget to check my brand new website: by me and Monica Odom [image text] Tejaswini had her intimacy disrespected when her intimate pictures were leaked on the internet. Tejaswini, you didn’t do anything wrong. The shame should be with the one who purposely decided to cause you pain and embarrassment by exposing your privacy without consent.

Translated by Sarah Nader [image text] Rebecca had depression, and only after many months she was able to wear clothes that revealed the scars left on her body. Rebecca, these marks are a reminder of how brave you have had to be! Psychological pain is also human, and suffering it does not make you any less of a person.

Jessica has always been skinny, and used to get upset when she heard people saying “real men love curves”. Jessica, your body is...

Carol Rossetti

Translation by Julia Lima[image text] Lily doesn’t feel good about eating other animals, but many people seem to bother about her eating habits. Lily, nobody has anything to do with what you eat or quit eating. Your nutrition only concerns you!

Translated by Sarah Nader [imagem text] Despite being pressured to do a c-section, Fernanda decided to give birth naturally. Fernanda, this is a personal choice. Neither option makes you less of a woman or a mother.

Translated by Sarah Nader[image text] Lydia loves wearing mini skirts, but her boyfriend always asks her to change into something more conservative. Lydia thought it better to change company and hang out with people who won’t judge her style instead.

Translated by Sarah Nader[image text] When Maite had her first girlfriend at 16, many thought she was just experimenting. It may as well have been the case, but Maite can’t recall ever hearing that her sister was simply going through a phase when she had her first boyfriend…