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Detail on my friend's wall. @bookhou by larksnest

#onefromthecuttingroomfloor for my lovely friend @o_ninekidz. The relationship between these sisters continue to amaze me. The compassion of the oldest melts my heart. I put a surprise in her lunch box everyday and she always saves a piece for her little sissy. Care to share @princessandpotato @casschung ? by reeseypiecey

Sometimes things that come naturally to one's body still get undermined by one's mind that is my story always double guessing so at the time when I worry and panic about pretty much everything I savor those moments of peace when fears quiet down and I feel like we all are going to be perfectly okay this baby thing is not rocket science after all and all comfortable in @belabumbum}} #maternity #postpartum #nursing #belabumbum #vsco #vscocam by anja_mari

It is hard to understand why some women and girls struggle to support each other and choose to compete rather than empower and encourage. We aren't helping anyone especially ourselves when we behave this way. I've had this talk many times with Ro when she struggles with how to deal with these situations at school. It's hard. It's a choice we make everyday: to be supportive rather than destructive In this context I want to give an extra special shoutout to two amazing women Amri and Katya…

This little sweetie has an easy time making friends but already understands that it doesn't come easy to everybody. Her best little buddy at school is one of the youngest 2 year olds who has very little speech and a hard time socializing with the other kids. Every morning when we get to school the little girl comes over to Annabelle for hugs and to me for high fives. by sarahtreed

{ ON THE BLOG } An interview with doll maker Sophia @studioescargot I love hearing people's stories and how life events helped them craft a life of purpose and intention. Enjoy the read by hippieindisguise

//WEEKEND TAKEOVER// by @larksnest The Queen of Hearts find more Halloween costume inspiration on the Enfants Terribles blog! by enfantsterriblesmag

Nap time under his heirloom blanket. You probably already follow @mamawatters but if you don't take a look. She is a dear and is sending love and light out into the Instagram world. #mywillabyheirloom by willabyclothier

Another beautiful shot of @dearestdaughters and her little one in Leda cardigan. Adorable!#kalinkakids by kalinkakids