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Are these pillars supposed to hold something up? José Parlá Calle Sol y Calle del Cristo San Juan Puerto Rico 2003 2014 Coral Way Alive Five 2014 San Lazaro y Genios 2014 West Liberty Street and Whitaker Street 2014 & 16th Street and Lenox Avenue. Miami Beach. Florida 1992 2014 in Surface Body / Action Space at Mary Boone Gallery.September 12 - October 31 2015 To see more photos from this exhibition visit! #PickleBeholding #PickleDog @maryboonegallery @joseparla by…

Amazing Drinking Straw Sculptures

Amazing Drinking Straw Sculptures by Korean artist SangSik Hong

Enjoying the colours and bounty of the fall harvest with Sen while Ro is at her ballet class This month's theme for the Slow Living Project is 'Bloom and Harvest' please join @geoffreyandgrace and I by tagging your photos #slowliving_bloomandharvest -- We want to see the beauty of spring blooms and fall harvesting around the world. case you missed it the selections for September's theme 'Create' have been posted to my blog and Melanie's. Please visit and see what inspired us by…

Takashi Murakami at Versailles

The highlight of their day today was going out to see a Charlie and Lola show. I thought they did the show quite lame ..but the girls thought it was the best show ever! by justy_olive

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Efvva and the Enchanted Fairytale Forest read more on @efvva #efvva #kidswearmagazine #kidsfashion by kidswearmagazine

As the curtain falls on another month on our journey to conception I am aware of a kind of mourning. Not for the baby lost to us nor the one we so long for but for those little things that have so often given way to the sheer weight of that longing. I am grateful for the gentle easing of that weight and the space to fully revel in the present. More than that I am grateful for this little marvel and his myriad wonderful ways - and all else besides. <3 by dibonjo

We missed gymnastic yesterday but C wanted to wear this to swimming because it's so cold I admit it is cute but I said no...hence the face Leotard @bangbangcopenhagen from @_myminime_ hat from @littlebelleandbeau cookie #allgoneinCstummy by lalalingy