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Rebuilding Wardrobe 101: The 18 Timeless Basics. Part 1 | Style  Fashion

Here is an example of a basic suit. It's simple yet classy. Do not forget the tie clip! A floppy tie is enough to bring your whole look down. Also, a fitted shirt is key. You don't want to look like you are swimming in your clothes.

Bad | The brush-style typeface doesn't fit the content and competes with the other typeface. The leading is off and the way indentations etc are used is distracting/overdone.

Coffee is definitely a "daily medicine". Coffee Lovers take his or her medicine everyday in order to keep from hurting others and to feel better daily.

Men's Fashion, Fitness, Grooming, Gadgets & Guy Stuff

Men's Fashion, Fitness, Grooming, Gadgets & Guy Stuff

Backyard steps off deck... maybe down the front hill

Concrete Porch Steps

Men's fashion #hats

“Correct Hats for the Occasion.” For the occasion of having no face, that is.