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Os cinco aviões com motores da GE em formação (GE)

Valkyrie, o avião que veio do futuro

S-70 Battlehawk Helicopter Sikorsky

One helicopter has what it takes to meet the challenges facing modern militaries that must continually do more with less. That helicopter is the BATTLE.

Fieseler Storch take-off

Fieseler Storch take-off

Esquadrão de Mistel voando sobre Berlim, durante a defesa da cidade contra a invasão soviética (Foto - Luftwaffe)

Andy D Annandale-Johnston added 500 new photos to the album: Awesome Aircraft Photos XLI.

Avrocar: The Story of America's Top Secret Flying Saucer from the 1950s

Before free-flight tests, the Avrocar was flown with tethers, seen here in front and behind the aircraft, for safety reasons.

Full Of Weapons: AV-8B Harrier II

Jonathan Lewenthal and Capt. Eric Scheibe, Harrier pilots with Marine Attack Squadron Marine Aircraft Group Marine Aircraft Wing (Forward), fly over southern Helmand province, Afghanistan after conducting an aerial refuel Dec.

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Top Secret Competition - Building F 35 - X Planes Documentary HD

The was supposed to wow aviation spectators and weapons buyers at air shows in the UK two years ago, but an engine fire grounded the program. Now two years later, the is slated to attempt another inaugural showing in the UK this summer.