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Gallery - Rob Sutherland Ceramics

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131 Adorable Stoneware Ceramic Bowls https://www.futuristarchitecture.com/12313-131-adorable-stoneware-ceramic-bowls.html

131 Adorable Stoneware Ceramic Bowls

Hand Coiled Ceramics by Rob Sutherland Carly Hollabaugh Monday, September 2013 Ceramics (C)

Frank Cummings III  |  Vessel, circa 1989, Chittum wood, ivory, gold, baguette garnets

Incredible Wooden Vessel by Frank Cummings III

Gallery - Rob Sutherland Ceramics

This could be a snake gourd


For this project i would make a drape mold pot and cut away the clay design.

The three dimensional trees on this pot are what caught my eye and started my pottery addiction. The fact that they can get the clay to show that much detail is amazing! They go through the whole process on the site: http://www.silverkiln.com

beautiful tree bowl incised carved openwork detailed photos step by step tutorial tips pottery ceramics clay - Linda Nowell, silverkiln

‘The Yarn Express’ bowl. One off yarn bowl available at earthwoolfire.etsy.com from today. If you knit or crochet why not check it out :-) earthwoolfire@gmail.com

'The Yarn Express' bowl from Earth Wool Fire -- glazed view.

Kuşların sohbeti

The Homecoming / Ron Layport ,Wood Art

Gallery - Rob Sutherland Ceramics

I like the variation in the horizon and the tree tops. by Rob Sutherland Ceramics

Gallery - Rob Sutherland Ceramics

Billedresultat for ceramics slab building peter phillips

Francesco Ardini  cranks out new series of vases: “Proliferazioni”, a proliferation of bacteria that is free to evolve and mutate

Blue - vase - ceramic - Francesco Ardini: Blue Proliferation, Ceramic, White and electric blue matt glaze


Kiln Formed Glass Vessels by Austin Artist Glenda Kronke

Pottery Tips and Tricks: What you Need to Know

Pottery Tips and Tricks: What you Need to Know

handbuilt pottery ile ilgili görsel sonucu

handbuilt pottery ile ilgili görsel sonucu

Raku Pottery | Raku Pottery Birds and Hearts

Cavania: Raku Pottery Birds and Hearts

French Raku Studio “la porte du soleil” http://www.veniceclayartists.com/french-studio-la-porte-du-solei/

The ancient Japanese practices of Raku are still honored in their courses. For example in the creation of the Japanese tea ceremony bowls ( chawan ) irregular, uneven, flawed, sometimes rough form is encouraged to enhance there organic charm.