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History repeats. This isn’t even the HALF OF IT. Hitler, like Trump, was considered to be a total joke at first, and was thought to be unable to do any of his crazy policy initiatives. Both won their elections without most of the vote. Both pivoted to a less crazy political middle to gain more support after the election. Never again is now. Never again is now.

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President Trump, speaking at the National Prayer Breakfast, promised to "get rid of and totally destroy the Johnson Amendment," which prohibits some tax-exempt organizations like churches from supporting political candidates, on Feb. 2.

The Royal Family has a cautionary message for the world Image: AP/composite By Gianluca Mezzofiore2017-01-31 12:34:59 UTC The Prince of Wales has returned to the issue of the rise of populism warning that the world is in danger of forgetting the lessons of the past. Speaking at a London fundraising event for the World Jewish Relief (WJR) charity which currently works with people fleeing the war in Syria and seeking to establish new lives in Greece Turkey and UK Prince Charles said: The…

It shows that 99% of these marchers are totally 'Politically Stupid'..and made a' TOTAL' ASS out of themselves.

Trump denies ban on Muslims is a Muslim ban, declares 'it's working out very nicely'

The resistance is at JFK Terminal 4 arrivals right now.

"Nobody builds oceans better than we do."

If he thought the ‘fat face’ picture was bad, wait till he sees this one!

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