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Indian POWs being used for target practice by Japanese soldiers during WW2

Japanese soldiers shooting Sikh prisoners who are sitting blindfolded in a rough semi-circle about 20 meters away. In the second photo are . Just looking at this enrages me.

Jardín de la Demora de red - Nanjing seis semanas, decenas de miles de mujeres jóvenes y viejos son la belleza y la fealdad día Shoubing brutal violación masiva (18+) -6park.com

Chinese women under the iron heel of the Japanese A woman tied to a chair gang rape.

Japanese Atrocities during World War II in Philippines | World War Stories

Civilian casualties as result of the Battle of Manila in where the most brutal of urban warfare occurred between occupying Japanese forces, and the liberating American and Filipinos forces.


Global Gear has presented wonderful Infographic titled ‘Art of Archery - A Timeline through Ages’ with the big idea of highlighting the history of archery and how it has evolved over a period of time.

The Truth about Women that Feminists Don't Want You to Know - article from the Botkin Sisters

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