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The World Map in itself is always morphing through the centuries as great civilizations fall and give way to smaller independent nations. Today the World Map can be regenerated to feature the languages we speak in common, the religions and idealogies we adopt, by landscape, time zones etc.

40 Creative Remakes of The World Map

Butterflies World Map. A myriad of colours in the form of mini butterflies outline the landmasses and islands scattered across the world.

Opaaaa que tem mais um mapa saindo por aqui! feliz de saber q tanta gente gosta…

Opaaaa que tem mais um mapa saindo por aqui! feliz de saber q tanta gente gosta…

When I get back from Korea...the first stop will be the tattoo shop and I'll be getting this as a tattoo on my back...maybe with a red heart near Korea.

The world map images in this group are all blank world maps (without country borders). These maps have only solid color areas (continents and oceans are white or gray and outlines are black).

Discovery is in our blood

Easy Travel Guide: Buy a world map Buy a dart Place the map on a wall Throw the dart at the map Travel to wherever it lands Escape, Explore, Discover.

Never forget where you came from.

'Before you ask which way to, go remember where you've been' compass tat. I like this idea for a tattoo!

Image of World Map Elle Wills

Floral world map by elle wills. Probably the only way I'd get flowers tattooed

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