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"Connor. Connor, talk to me." "I-I don't know where I am. It's dark. And cold. And -" A shuddering breath. "It hurts, Kenya, it h-hurts so bad...." For a moment he sounded like a child again, even though his mental capabilities sometimes made us forget it.

´´Ela sonha do oceano tarde da noite e anseia pelo ar salgado selvagem.`` ...... Eu

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Check the crown connection each morning so other chakras can balance properly.Chakra Energy Checklist 1: I belong. I am safe and secure 2: I enjoy life's physical pleasures and I desire to create 3: I am worthy whether or not others approve 4. I love others and love and care for myself. 5. I express my truth honestly and with compassion and follow my bliss 6: I trust my intuition and receive guidance whenever i need it. 7: I am connected with my soul and the Divine. ~☆~