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Não me apressa, tô esperando o último minuto.

Seniors turning in scholarships and requesting recommendation letters!

I bought a book about procrastinating once... never got around to reading it, though.

A procrastinator? I'll prove you wrong someday. Just you wait and see. (I'll procrasinate at my funeral.I'll never die!

Free, Breakup Ecard: Lesson one: Only trust people who like big butts... They cannot lie.

I read this as "trust people who HAVE big butts" and that excited me. because I have a big butt.

Get in shape by losing fat. No pain, no gain. Eat healthy and play with plenty of energy. Have a positive mindset. Watch the fat fall off.

Funny Encouragement Ecard: While I was running today I heard someone clapping, it was just my thighs cheering me on.this seriously makes me laugh cause it is so true!

so true! or like my daughter would say....some people need to wear trendy tops like on TV!!! lol

Free, Encouragement Ecard: Want to get rid of that muffin-top fast? Try wearing pants that fit.

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I silently mouth the words “what the fuck?” at least 20 times a day

Or a photo of the Executive whose bonus is based upon the tax break you are funding for his industry

For all the taxes they take out of my paycheck, the least they could do is send me a picture of the ghetto family I'm supporting to hang on my fridge!

yup that's how it goes

"I have a condition that prevents me from going on a diet. I get hungry." Well I really do get faint and shaky if I don't eat often enough.


Free and Funny Confession Ecard: When I win the lottery, all my pin boards become reality. Everything will be delicious, covered in glitter, made out of pallets, and look effing amazing.

aint that the truth!

No woman has ever started an argument with a man while he was dusting, vacuuming or washing the dishes. So true

Funny Family Ecard: If you are going to scream like that, you better be on fire with a stick in your eye.

My daughter doesn't do that shit. And parents that allow their kids to.well I will light you on fire and put a stick in your eye!

Yes!  Hubby best remember this...  and my use to be best friend carolyn!

Oh, I don't believe in holding grudges. I do, however, remember facts forever.learning to let go but this is too funny & indicative of the past

Communication is a skill to be learned  www.Heal.Energy

Funny Encouragement Ecard: I'm not arguing. I'm explaining why I'm correct.

someecards.com - Son, life is about working hard... now be quiet they're announcing the winning lottery ticket.

someecards.com - Son, life is about working hard... now be quiet they're announcing the winning lottery ticket.