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This is so true there are aspects of hetalia that are serious and really good. This is sad, I don't even....

All I can think of is hetalia

All I can think of is hetalia

Well this lil dorky babe is in the mafia and all so...- what does being in the mafia have to do with THIGHS OF STEEL??

Yes. That is the Hetalia movie. <== does this mean that Italy is the tenth doctor <== More importantly, does that mean Germany is Rose? <-- Yes.

Hetalia Prussia Gilbert Beilshmidt, just because Gil is Awesome!

And this is why we love Russia :D <-- And don't forget America just hitting them with his fists.<---Don't forget Russia's not actually even touching them. He's using the force or some shit.

The amount of no in that boys face xD - Hetalia Iceland and France