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Sleeping Kitten funny cute animals pink sweet cat sleep pet silly kitten kitten Petting chart for your cat and dog… duckies :) Oh, cats!

The Reign of the Duckling

"Doctor" (as in, Doctor Who) got autocorrect to "ducks." Did I just accidentally join the duck fandom.

What’s up duck? by Dalla* on Flickr.

Once at the san diego wildlife park I saw two ducks and it looked like one was saying "Lets go back to the pond!" As it was snapping at the other duck, when the other duck was saying "I'm going shopping!' Ducks are HILARIOUS!

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Daffodils are my favorite spring flower! Beautiful flowers for my granddaughter!


13 Adorable Gosling Photos

Mom and ducklings. (KO) Mama duck keeps her babies warm and safe. I'll bet it's toasty under her soft, strong wings. What a good little mama!

I love watching ducks' little feet flap in the water when they're swimming. It makes me so happy.

Just keep swimming, just keep swimming, Just keep swimming, swimming, swimming

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e have a large duck pond behind our house with Aylesbury Ducks.we hear the quack quack quack nice and early in the morning!


Not all ugly ducklings turn out to be swans. They just grow to be ducks. But if you get all your ducks in a row you would agree that not all ducklings are ugly and anyway the ugliest of animal babi.

Project Freedom Ranger: Hoop House Build

Building A Chicken Coop - Project Freedom Ranger: Hoop House Build - Building a chicken coop does not have to be tricky nor does it have to set you back a ton of scratch.