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Roller Skates

8 fitness tips for cold weather to help keep you on your routine.

colorblock roller skates Love these! I've actually really been wanting a pair of roller skates! I have this hope that they're easier to skate in than rollerblades.

Bright white roller skates decorated with pom-pons. A trip to the roller rink was the most fabulous thing you could possibly do on a Saturday morning. 1950s Fashion, Vintage Clothing, 50s Retro Shop

You know you loved a pom pom on a roller skate. Back in the rollerskating was the cool hang-out place to be and be seen.


Taylor, herself, is the muse for Wonderstruck Enchanted—forever captivating and always confident. Wonderstruck Enchanted continues the magical journey, from the

What were we thinking with these socks?

Pin for Later: 50 Totally Rad Trends From the and Scrunched Socks To be worn with your favorite pair of Keds or LA Gear hi-tops.

Have fun! Enjoy life!

MOXI Pink Suede Roller Skates Used once, somewhat unsuccessfully (I can't skate). Originally from Urban Outfitters. The circle in the middle of the suede leather is from where I took the sticker off, it's not damaged.

✦'B!ing'ed Out' Roller Skates✦                                                                                       ˚̩̥̩̥✧̊́Ḅ̥̲̊͘Ι̥Ꭵ̗̊ꉆ̖̀ɢ̥͠✦̖̱̩̊̎̍Ḅ̤̥̿̀l̯̊l̳̹͘͝ŋ̊Ꮹ̥̀✧̊́˚̩̥̩̥

Sparkle-rific Roller Skates - I would love to have these! Mine were white with lavender pom poms on the top and lights on the bottom. Totally blinged up

Jelly Shoes

A 90's Girl's Favorites: Top 10 Childhood Flashbacks

The Jelly Shoes.-- I used to have every color! I actually have a green pair of jellys!

Friendship bracelets

kids: Who remembers neon friendship bracelets? << to me they were always some pretty awesome bracelets!

can not tell you how happy it would make me to have these hot rollerskates.... I think I might bust out in a song from "Xanadu"

Moxi Lolly Roller Skates

mint retro roller skates big need for these rn ♡ (Moxi Lolly Roller Skates, from Urban Outfitters)

Yes, I had fluorescent pink socks and I probably would have worn those shoes if I had been a few years older.:)

socks and heels. Neon socks and heels. Clashing neon socks and heels.

did this all the time!

Funny My Childhood As a Kid, I used to talk into the fan to hear my robot voice


Childhood Memory Keeper: Retro Pop Culture from the and toys my favorite game when I was a kid!

Toys From The 70s - I always wanted a big wheel, never got one, guess because I was a girl. :(

The one and only Big Wheel. This is where it all started . my Big Wheel first, and eventually graduated to my Mustang. Love the wind blowing on my face when I'm driving with the windows down . just like on my Big Wheel :)

I can't believe I forgot about some of them! So neat!

little professor game I swear I had this, too. Wasn't a calculator - it was a digital set of math flash cards. I *still* cannot math to this day.