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WANT..this would be easy to DIY! just cut holes in leggings then paint over with like clear polish to keep from ripping more? then fabric underneath

love the blue underneath the black leggings, cant figure out if they come like that or its just double layered leggins the outter pair has the slits up the side, idk someone helpppp!

These running shorts>>

Running shorts + Tropicana print

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Monogrammed Chevron exercise running shorts  - Women & Girls Sizes on Etsy, $27.00

Black Monogrammed Running Shorts with Turquoise Chevron & Monogram, Black Monogrammed Running Shorts with Hot Pink Chevron & Running Shorts

Laced Shorts

Touch of lace! Why pay 40 dollars for these shorts when you could go to the craft store, purchase a bit of material and transform a pair of old jeans for super cheap!